McGuire Scientific Services, LLC

"DC to Light" Electronics

McGuire Scientific Services, LLC (“MSS”) is a technical consulting firm based in New Kensington, PA, just outside Pittsburgh. We provide services in the fields of electronics, software, and embedded systems on a project basis. Our primary functions are to provide custom electronic design and firmware services in the embedded systems/IoT/communications space, and to help people and projects through difficult technical situations.

MSS assists projects in multiple phases: initial development, getting projects past a tough spot, or rescuing projects that are in trouble.

MSS has in-house experience in many areas of technical and scientifc endeavor. Laboratory and industrial instrumentation, analytical chemistry, microwave communications, lasers and optronics, metrology (not to be confused with meteorology), computer software, embedded firmware, supercomputers, and nuclear physics are some of the areas in which we've worked.

MSS takes on large and small projects. Even very small ones. Seriously, no project is too small…Contact Us and ask!

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